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This made a huge difference for me. I tried everything before this – black cohosh, acupuncture…. Nothing working untill this. I finally feel like I can get on with my…

Estraderm Mx

In only 2 months ALL of my symptoms have improved including the flushes, night sweats, libido etc. I also suffer from migraines. My migraines have also decreased in frequency!! If…


It works and there’s a lot of choice (Youtube, Headspace, Calm). Have a look and see what’s out there.

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Struggling with menopausal symptoms? You will be pleased to hear that there are many different treatments which have been proven to help.

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

HRT replaces the hormones that a woman’s body no longer produces. The two main hormones used in HRT are oestrogen and progestogen. For women seeking relief from symptoms related to perimenopause and menopause, HRT is a common and effective treatment. There are over 50 preparations of HRT and often the brand names can differ between countries. These pages will help you to become more informed for when you speak to your doctor about what treatment is best for you.

Non-Hormonal Drug Treatments

Not all women are able to or want to manage their menopause with hormone replacement therapy. There are doctor-prescribed non-hormonal drug treatments that are recognised for their effects on specific perimenopause and menopause symptoms. Just like HRT, these treatments should be evaluated with your doctor, based on your specific situation. These pages will help equip you to have this conversation

Lifestyle changes

Most women will benefit from lifestyle changes such as stopping smoking, improving diet, and regular physical activity in perimenopause and menopause. These changes improve overall wellbeing, may reduce symptom severity, and can make symptoms easier to tolerate.

Natural Remedies

Many women want to treat their symptoms without medical intervention. These may include herbal or plant supplements, skin creams, psychological interventions (e.g. mindfulness), or other alternatives. The evidence base for non-prescription remedies varies, with many women having had positive experiences. Each treatment page includes a short summary to help you understand more.

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