About us

Menopause: What Works is a Citizen Science project to collect the lived experiences of women who have used different treatments to manage their menopausal symptoms. We aim to build the largest dataset on menopause care and start to answer many of the questions that have historically gone unanswered. Our goal is to figure out ‘what works’ and also, what does not.

This website serves two major purposes. First, it is an information source to learn about the diverse options that exist to manage menopause symptoms. Second, it is a place for you to share your individual experience of treatments, products or activities that you have tried. The more people that share their stories, the more we all learn.

Why does sharing your experience help other women? We all ask our friends about what worked for them. The truth is, your friends may not be great comparisons. They do not have the same medical history or symptoms. When thousands of women share their experiences as they would with their friends, we make this advice more useful.

This website is not a substitute for clinical testing. More high quality research into menopause topics is critical to improving the overall health of women. The goal of this website is to add ‘real world evidence’ to the conversation and help reduce some of the fears and help women evaluate their options.

Why Menopause What Works?

There are 3.8 billion women in the world and we want to make their lives happier, healthier and longer.

You can be sure that everything we ask has a scientific purpose. The more questions you answer, the better picture we have of what is working and most importantly, for whom. For example, there is an indication that ethnicity plays a role in severity of symptoms. We believe systematically collecting data against symptoms and relief will help us answer that question faster.

We are on a mission to use the data we generate here to influence the treatment and support available to women. If you are a scientist interested in using our dataset to advance the understanding of women’s health, please get in touch.