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Elleste Duet

I only used it for 3 months, but I did not experience any improvements


Gel supported me a lot, I’m struggling nearly no longer with symptoms, but if I stop using it, dryness comes back.

Period Trackers

It didn’t really help me but the app was good to use.

Digital Therapy Apps

Great app - really helped me

Herbal Remedies

Simply supplements menopol, weaning off it as they're getting greedy and the price is rocketing - I can't afford it any more

Cooling Sprays

Cooling mist that you can use when you have hot flushes and you feel hot and sweaty.

Evorel Conti

Started these 2 months ago as I was on evorel sequi for 10 months but the progesterone in these made me soo doctor wouldn't...


I started taking totally derma because I'd been told it could help with vaginal atrophy symptoms. Within 6 weeks I did notice a mild improvement....


My symptoms were so bad I could barely sit. It has improved them dramatically. It's not 100% better but a considerable improvement.


I started HRT- oestrogen gel Sandrena to help with mood and other menopause symptoms and I've found it has helped to a certain degree. It...