I only used it for 3 months, but I did not experience any improvements

Group 3

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)


Oral HRT

Country where treated

United Kingdom

Time on treatment

3 months - no longer using

Their other treatments
Their other side effects
No side effects

Symptom changes

Feeling - irritable
No change
General aches and pains
No change
Hot flushes or flashes
No change

Overall impact

Mood & Wellbeing

Can't tell

Urogenital Health

Can't tell


Can't tell


Can't tell

Ability to cope

Can't tell

About The Reviewer

176 cm
65 kg
Age at first symptoms
Length of time on treatment
3 months
Last period
Less than 12 months
Has children

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Elleste Duet

My hot flashes took over my life —I wasn’t sleeping, I couldn’t concentrate at work, I was irritable at home with my kids. I went on HRT and within 10...

Elleste Duet

I would go back on HRT but the doctor is not keen

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Wasn’t on them long enough for change, periods and tender bust after 4/6 weeks I’m 58

Elleste Duet

Was helpful with anger and night sweats

Elleste Duet

It’s not necessarily the right thing for you and consider lifestyle changes first.

Elleste Duet

HRT worked fantastically. Unfortunately the doctors will no longer prescribe to me because I was diagnosed with breast cancer. But they can NOT say fir definite that this was due...