In only 2 months ALL of my symptoms have improved including the flushes, night sweats, libido etc. I also suffer from migraines. My migraines have also decreased in frequency!! If you've not got issues that make you high risk e.g. breast cancer in the family, I highly recommend trying the HRT.

I did my research into perimenopause symptoms (as my periods are every two weeks - so haven't stopped bleeding to be classed as menopausal), also looked at different HRT, did the greene climateric scale test so I had the results for my GP & looked at the NICE guidelines on diagnosing peri/menopause so I couldn't be fobbed off. I asked the GP for a trial of HRT. Knew I wanted patches as they're lowest risk & ok to use by migraine sufferers. It took a couple of tries to get the right combination but I'm now on oestrogen patches all month & progesterone tablets for 2 weeks each month.

Group 3

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)


Transdermal HRT

Time on treatment

2 months - currently

Their other treatments
Their other side effects
No side effects

Symptom changes

Hot flashes/flushes
Sex - Loss of libido

Overall impact

Mood & Wellbeing

Urogenital Health



Ability to cope

About The Reviewer

Age at first symptoms
Length of time on treatment
2 months
Last period
Less than 12 months
Does not have children

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